Why You Should Vote


Voting is very necessary when it comes to exercising your rights in a democracy and is a way to voice your opinion in affairs of the country by electing your representative. Here are some reasons as to why you should vote.


1)      Voting is way to support democracy and the citizen of India can voice their rights through that. If you are not voting, you are not rightfully involved in forming of the Government.


2)      Through voting one can choose their desired candidate from your area whom you think can do something good for the people there. In this way it is actually choosing your representative to have the say on the government policies. Citizen’s view point is very important as to who is eligible to be their leader and if they are not happy with the work of a particular leader they may over throw him or her by electing to replace him.



3)      As the more people comes to vote shows that the people of that constituency is well aware of their rights and expects lot from the government they are choosing and kind of instill sense of responsibility in the elected government and also that they are accountable to their voters.


4)      Going for vote on the day of voting makes you a responsible and active citizen of India and sends a good message to younger lot who really learns by example. Exercising ones civic sense of responsibility teaches children to respect the constitution and be a responsible citizen of India, thereby making India a good place to live. Therefore discussing about the eligible candidates among your friends and families speak for your interest in Indian democracy.




5)      Last, but not the least, voting shows that you are proud of Indian constitution and you exercise your rights rightfully and not just keep on complain about the government not doing sufficient job. Vote is power to change and overthrow those who are not performing so that they don’t take the opportunity for granted.

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