Haryana is a medium size state located near to Punjab and capital of India – Delhi.  Haryana is one of the most richest state (currently holding 3rd rank) in India in terms of per ca-pita income. Haryana is also center of number of Industries from company like Maruti Suzuki to Hero. As its close to Delhi city, there are no. of small scale to big size IT companies.


If you are living in Haryana state and  don’t have the Voter Card then this is the best time to apply for. There are over 22 Voter election center across Haryana where you can vote.


Address and Phone no. of each district for Voter ID Card in Haryana like Gurgaon, Rohtak etc office address given below:



Head Office of Haryana Election Office
Building No. 30
Close to Sector No.: 17
City: Chandigarh
Phone No.: 270-1362 (0172 – STD Code)


Person Name: Mr. Hira Lal
Phone No.: 2535175 (0171 is the std code)
Cell Phone: 9416162845


Person Name: Mr. Sant Lal
Phone No.: 222407 (0124 is the STD code)
Cell Phone: 9868608285



Person Name: Mr. Rajinder Singh
Helpline No.: 256337 (01262 – STD Code)
Cell Phone: 9416168709


Person Name: Surender Kumar
Customer Support: 2221728 (0130 STD Code)
Cell Phone: 9813067900


Officer Name: Arjun Dass
Phone No.: 2654282 (STD Code – 0180)
Cell Phone: 94162-93858

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  2. jung bahdur Says:

    my voter card number is wrong, please check.

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