Gujarat State for Voter Card Registration

Voter ID card is an extremely important document, issued by the government of India. Unless you apply and secure it, you would not be able to vote. It is a “must” for proving your citizenship. This document becomes immensely helpful, while you apply for a bank loan or train ticket and whether you live in any part of India including Gujarat. When you travel outside, voter ID can help you in securing accommodation in hotels and tickets in the modes of transportation.


A voter ID card has your relevant details for identity, such as name, father’s name, sex and age.  As per the norms with government of India, anyone above the age of 18 can vote in the elections. But the basic criteria for this are this minimum age and voter ID card. Several states have made provisions for applying online for Voter ID card.

Gujarat, being a leading state in India has also made similar provision and now you can apply online for your Voter ID card.

How Gujarat people can apply online for Voter ID card?

Voter list for Gujarat state

Search your name in Voter list in Gujarat

Form for voters

How I can enroll for Voter Card via Online Registration?

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