Duplicate Voter ID card

How to apply for Duplicate Voter ID card online in India


The Election Commission of India issues Voter Identification card for producing the proof on the day of voting. It is only given to those who are eligible for voting that is all above 18 years of age. Voter’s identity card comes in use in various applications to be shown as identification proof. It really comes in handy while you are applying for passport, PAN card, credit card, etc.


One can apply for voter’s identity card by filling in the form 001 to get registered for voter’s identity card availability and one needs to fill Form 006 to see their name appearing in the list of voters. Both forms can be filled simultaneously.



For those who want to apply for duplicate voter’s identity card, they need to fill in the Form 002. Duplicate voter’s identity card is issued in case the previous one lost. Before applying for duplicate voter’s identity card, one needs to first file an FIR in the police station in their local vicinity. After one has filed the FIR, the photocopy of the FIR is needed to be produced along with the form 002 and after filling the form it should be duly attached.


A penalty of 25 INR is needed to be submitted by the applicant to the local Electoral Registration Office. The other documents required other than the photocopy of FIR while applying for duplicate voter’s identity card are some kind of identification proof such as PAN card, driving license, ration card or passport photocopy. Also one needs to give address proof such as electricity bill, gas bill, etc.



Therefore, in case of voter’s identity card is lost, one must avail the new one in order to vote without failing and duly exercising one fundamental right. It is very important to vote in a democracy and exercise once power to elect right candidate.

Download Form for Duplicate Card:  Click here

37 Responses to “Duplicate Voter ID card”

  1. Harey Narayan Says:

    Pl. issue duplicate voter Identity card. As it has been lost in travel. Detail of my card given below:
    Name : Harey Narayan
    Father’s Name : LAte Sri Surendra Nath Shukla
    Sex : Male
    Address : 14/167, Indira Nagar, Lucknow (U.P.)Pin 226016
    I Card No.: UP/20/100/0885804

  2. munna singh Says:

    please sir
    election commission
    identity card-sbc1944428 lost
    new voter id card issue required
    munna singh s/o ramdatta singh
    D/5/181, SANGAM VIHAR NEW DELHI 110062

  3. sanjay singh Says:

    i have lost my voter card. and i wants to check it online.

    also tell me how will i get the duplicate copy.


  4. Amit Kumar Verma Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need to change my name on my votor id card (KFJ1838739).My name is Amit Kumar Verma but mentioned in my votor id card Amit Kumar Varma.

    Kindly suggest me how I can change my name in votor ID card.



    Padma is my sister and she lost her ID card while shifting her house so please provide the ID card or suggest me further

  6. Subhashis Ghosh Says:

    I lost my voter ID card. I am an NRI. How can you help me?

    Subhashis Ghosh

  7. Voter Says:

    Hi Subhashis,

    Please find more details here on duplicate voter id card.

  8. Manoj Kumar Says:

    I lost my Voter ID issued for :
    Manoj Kumar
    B 42 Urja Vihar Colony Mandawali New Delhi-92

  9. Voter Says:

    Hi Manoj,

    As you have lost your Voter ID card, it’s recommended to inform to your nearest police station, you can also apply for a duplicate voter id card here.

  10. Harey Narayan Says:

    As I have not received any responce from ELECTION Commission,What comments could Ioffer?

  11. tripta mittal Says:

    i lost my voter id and i have applied for the same but not yet received
    name : Tripta Mittal
    Father’s Name : Jugesh Kumar Mittal
    Address as per previous voter id : 87 A block – RZ , new uttam nagar delhi 59
    Sex : Female
    Kindly confirm the status where it is as i applied long time back and i really need it

  12. NEERAJ KUMAR Says:

    Dear sir,
    I need to change my mother name on the
    votar id card(BR/09/054/447203) MY Mother name is URMILA DEVI so it is wrong. so maintain in in my mother votar id card PUNAMDEVI.and date of bairth is 01.01.1961. so please it is solve my poblam.
    Kindiy suggest me how i can change my name in votar id card.

  13. vishnu Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have lost my aadhar card and want to know how i can get voter id here?

  14. Amit Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have lost my Voter Id card No.( XFT2976XXX) in a Journey.I want to recive a duplicate Card and change my Photo also . Presently i am in Delhi .
    Can I apply From Delhi .

  15. Voter Says:

    Yes Amit, you can apply from Delhi for your duplicate voter card.

  16. ramakant Says:

    dear sir
    i have lost my votercard and i want duplicat, so please issu.i send vc id namber cpd3024XXX and address is ramakantsharma s/o sre virend kumar, bichpuri, pin 283105 [up]

  17. amit sharma Says:

    i have lost voter id card in kolkata and want to apply a duplicate one .so,help me out with the process how i will get it.thank you

  18. Rajul Pankaj Mehta Says:

    lost original voters id card issue new

  19. MUHEED Says:

    Dear sir

    i lost my voter id card,how to apply duplicate voter id.



  20. BABU.C Says:

    Dear sir
    I lost my voter id
    my id no RDU0392860(KARNATAKA)

  21. deepak Says:

    d/ sir
    i have lost voter id card in karnal ( haryana) and want to apply a duplicate one. so help me out with the process hom i will i get it thank you my name deepak singla s/ sh. lal chand singla , h. no. 148 dyal pura pharganj , karnal d.o.b. 13/04/1978, card s. no. 90/426,

  22. shivani yadav Says:

    sir i lost my voter id card. How to apply duplicate. Plz help me
    Shivani yadav w/o ashish yadav Alc/0193599

  23. monu Says:

    I lost My Voter Card.
    Pls Suggest me.
    Detail of voter id card is…..

  24. Saranya Ravikumar Says:

    Hi Sir,
    I lost my voter id card .. i need to apply duplicate voter id card . Can you please send the link for applying duplicate voter id card.

    Saranya Ravikumar

  25. V. Yuvaraj Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I lost my Voter ID card.

    I need to apply duplicate ID card.

    Can you pls send the link for applying duplicate voter id card.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regrds
    V. Yuvaraj

  26. Munna Hasan Beg Says:

    I am Munna Hasan Beg
    My Voter Card No.NYM1931039
    Please Scan Sent My E Mail Id

    Munna Beg

  27. Sandip Sonar Says:

    Hello sir,
    I lost my Voter ID in last year till now I visited electorl office bhusawal(MH) but they peopele told me that some thing camp is arranged for such cases only that time I apply for duplicate plz give me detail on my email if possible.
    My voter ID: ZUT1807478

  28. MANSIH Says:

    l lost my voter id card . how to apply duplicate voter id card please help me my voter id card no: ZXD2002889 and scan copy send me my email id manishrana@yamil.com

  29. mrs. muthulakshmi Says:

    hello sir! i lost my voter id i have xerox copy of my voter id can i apply new id card or any other options ti get the same card.

  30. pravinbhai N Bhalodiya Says:

    I have applied for transfer of Address of voter ID in Jan-14 still we have not received or any reply. advised us for further process.

  31. Sarathkumar Says:

    Good Evening sir!

    I have lost my voter id but i could not give any complaints.is it possible to get my duplicate card without FIR.or else i have to give a complain.

  32. Sarathkumar Says:

    Dear sir,

    I have lost my voter ID and I did not given any complain. is it possible to get duplicard card without FIR..?

  33. lijith kp Says:

    hello sir
    i lost my voter id card .hown to apply duplicate voter id card please help me my voter id card no:UBT0365965 and scan copy send to my email id lijuchandran11@gmail.com

  34. sanjay sahadu devkar Says:

    I lost voter id

  35. Naman Says:

    My mother’s voter I’d card and Pan card has been lost and she has no other I’d proof. She do have xerox for both the documents. Can they be used as id and address proof??

  36. Akhilesh kumar singh Says:

    sir i lost my voter id card . my voter id no XGF1546829 pls help me how can found another copy of my voter id akhilesh kumar singh s/o Brijendra pal singh lok bharti u.p. kothi no 1 chaupar hospital parisar ,nawal kishor road ,lucknow 226001

  37. kailash Says:

    i lost my voter id card in gurgaon (hr.)
    voter card no is HVV2633527

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