How MP people can register for Voter card online

The statehood of Madhya Pradesh has gone through a sea of electoral reforms and as of now, the voters can almost do anything to set their records straight in the voters’ list.  The leadership of the state has brought vast reforms and moreover, the election commission of India has created separate websites to help the […]

How to register for Bihar Voter Card online

Under the leadership of Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, Bihar has achieved a lot on the front of literacy, poverty alleviation, employment, and education. In the last five years, the state has seen sweeping changes in administration that has led to transparency and reduction in corruption.  Catching the pace with the rest of India to avail […]

How you can Register Name in Voter List

As a citizen of India, you must have the right to vote in every election of India. As a matter fact, the information about your voter identification has to be updated from time to time. The advantage is, electoral process is now fully converted to computerized online process and it can help you in registering […]

How the election commissions of India check voter id card verification

The Election commission of India is one of the institutions, which has constitutionally been given highest importance. Since the eighties and nineties, this office has assumed increasing power and importance over conducting election. It has clearly laid down code of conduct for the candidates participating in the elections. It has also been successful in instilling […]

How to change address of your Voter Card & Download Form

Why voter-ID is a must for you? Your citizenship in India can only be treated as valid if you have the right to vote in every kind of election held in it from time to time. Your chosen representatives can only give you the right kind of governance. As the trend goes now-a-days, voter card […]

How to cancel Voter Card and download form

Voter ID- the true necessity for every citizen Casting vote is the basic necessity for every citizen.  As the representative selected by you through voting can only form the government, your voter ID card is truly important as it expresses your identity as a citizen. Apart from this, you can also use this document as […]

How to get your Voter Card in Orissa

The concept of Voter ID card was brought in the nineties in India. Since that time, it has assumed great importance. Now-a-days, the voter-ID is a compulsory document whether are you in Orissa or any rest part of India,  while you cast your vote. It has also become the proof for identity and address, when […]

Now Get Voter card on Just One Click – Online

As the election is round the corner, the government of India brings good news for the voters by making online registration a real easy process for the voters to get the voter ID card. In this unique move, the government has made it a fully online process, facilitating the registration of voter and thereby getting […]

Voting Age in India

Exercising franchise is the basic right of every human-being. Various nations in the world have prescribed their minimum voting ages in their respective constitutions. The age at which a person can vote is called the “Voting age” in India. Since independence, the voting age was 21 in India.

Gujarat State for Voter Card Registration

Voter ID card is an extremely important document, issued by the government of India. Unless you apply and secure it, you would not be able to vote. It is a “must” for proving your citizenship. This document becomes immensely helpful, while you apply for a bank loan or train ticket and whether you live in […]