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Voter ID Card sample online India

Voter ID Card is basically provided by the Govt. of India (with the help of state govt.) to a voter in order to identify the correct voter that will be used during the voting time in India.  Please note that only the Indian citizens are eligible to cast their vote in elections period only through the Voter ID Card if he or she qualify as per the guidelines.


Any Indian citizen can cast his or her voter after 18 years.  The Age will be calculated as on 1st Jan of the year.  The Election commission department of India has right to issues the Voter ID card across the nation.  You can download the application from here in PDF format to apply for the card in case you don’t have one.


Voter ID Card is one of the most important document for identification purpose and can be used to open a Bank Account, Telephone Connection, Driving Licensee. While the main purpose of this card is to use your cast during the election time and choose the right party that will help to develop the nation.



The Voter ID Card indicate below given details that you can use it as an ID card –

1) Elector’s Name
2) His or Her Father name
3) Gender
4) Age


Now once you have applied successfully for the Voter Card then the next step is to check your voter id card status (which has been given here) and to confirm whether it’s ready or still you will have to wait.


How to Track

There are currently 2 ways to check or track your Voter card – SMS or Phone Call.  After successfully applying the card you will  receive a unique Serial Number. Using this serial number you can easily track the Voter ID Card via SMS or Phone Call but remember you can’t track it just after applying the card. You have to wait for 4-5 weeks then only you will be able to track it. Let’s check step by step to track your card:




1) Go to Message in your Mobile

2) Type Voter ID Card Number

3) Send it to 9433633333



1) Call from BSNL or MTNL to 1506 and follow the instructions in Hindi or English language OR

2) You can also call to 0124-2888-888


Note: Currently you can talk only in Hindi and English language . You can also contact to the customer care to know the status of your card.

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